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PoetsIN Publishing is an extension of PoetsIN, a registered charity that uses the power of words to strengthen and rehabilitate people in and out of the prison system, to help people learn to cope with mental illnesses, and to help banish the stigma of mental illness as a whole. It is Publishing with a Purpose. It is our goal to make a positive impact and to help change lives.

Words are our currency, and we work with them every day. They form the conversations we have with our service users and our social communities; they inspire the creative writing we elicit in our Facebook Group for readers and writers; and they empower the members of our in-prison groups to work through their problems. To find out more about how we use words to make a difference in the mental health community, please go to PoetsIN.com.


What are we looking for? 

Initially, we are looking for poetry chapbooks or full-length poetry books that have a cohesive theme, with a strong message that resonates with our primary goal of aiding the mental health community. Whether you write about the stigma of mental illness, about the homeless, about addiction, about life in prison, or about any combination of related ideas – we want it. If your book doesn’t quite have that message, but you’re a poet who has been on a great journey in life and has gleaned wisdom from it, we want your words too.

Consider, too, that some of the strongest messages come from single micropoems, not eighty-thousand word books. Accomplished poets have the ability to kick the reader in the gut with truths couched in something relatively short, leaving behind their words forever etched in the reader’s mind.


What’s Next?

Poetry doesn’t always get represented with as much care or thought as fiction does, and we want to change that. If you submit something we like, we’ll extend an offer to work with you. Please keep in mind, though, that PoetsIN Publishing is part of a charity run by volunteers, so it may take some time for you to hear back from us. Please do not query about your submission until at least three months have passed.

If we offer to work with you, we’ll edit, proofread, and format the text, design the cover, and publish your book across a number of different platforms on the Web. We’ll also offer both eBook and print versions. The platforms may charge a percentage of each sale for offering your work; after that percentage is taken, you will receive 50% of the remainder, and PoetsIN Publishing will receive the other 50%. Our cut will go straight into the PoetsIN charity pot, allowing us to extend our reach to more people who could benefit from our services.

Once your book is published, we will give you a marketing 101 “cheat sheet.” This will help you learn how to reach your readers best, including sharing your information on our already established social networks. Here at PoetsIN Publishing, we really are one big family of word nerds.

To find out more about submissions, our criteria, and whether we are currently accepting submissions, please check out submissions page.

2018 is the year of the poet. Bring us your words, and help us make them both artistically beautiful and eminently purposeful. Help make poetry the most popular reading choice by design.




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  1. What a fantastic and smart way to expand! I can see a bright future for PoetsIN with this endeavor. I look foward to see what happens. Heck, I might even submit my efforts. This frequently the stumbling block that so many voices cannot overcome. The possibilities are being made real. And that is truly giving voice to the unheard.

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